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Professional Information and Testing Services offers a state-of-the-art, court-certified polygraph testing for Personal issue testing, Attorneys, Individuals, and Companies for a wide variety of issues. With our polygraph test, the truth has never been more obvious.

  • How many questions are allowed?

    We use the UTAH-3 CQT testing format. This format is court approved and allows for 3 relevant questions (your questions). We ask eight questions, our questions are separate from yours. There are a total of eleven questions per chart, we run three charts.

  • How do I beat a lie detector test or polygraph test?

    Don't show up for the polygraph exam. The testing method we use is 97% accurate and 3% inconclusive (meaning that we cannot determine truth or deception).

  • Does being nervous affect the polygraph test results?

    If it did, no one would ever pass the test. Nervousness is constant throughout the test. Nervousness has no effect on not passing the test.

  • What is a lie detector test or polygraph?

    The polygraph is not a machine. It is a scientific instrument that measures involuntary responses of skin perspiration, heart rate, blood volume, and thoracic and abdominal breathing. "Poly" means many and "graph" means writing.

  • What are the training and qualifications of the examiners?

    We are court-certified experts. College degrees and graduates of American Polygraph Association-approved schools. We have been testing since 1985 and have performed thousands of quality polygraph exams. We have solved thousands of cases and recovered many thousands of dollars for our clients.

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